Our Founder, Crystal

    Hi, I'm CrystalWolf, Founder of the Wild Wolf Women of the Web. On April 4, 2006, I passed ownership of this site and the email list to Willow, who has been a member for 10 years, and served as one of the Alpha3 since 2002.  

    I've always kept my personal information very much off of this public site, but after ten wonderful years with Wild Wolf Women, I find I very much want to share a bit of who I am, and what I love.  This page is all about me, how self indulgent is that! 

    I created the Wild Wolf Women of the Web website in December, 1995, with the help of many friends.  The mail list for WWWW came by request of the readers of this site, and there are still a few of those original members still here.  This group has always been kept alive by the new members that come and go, or come and stay, and bring all their wonderful bone stories and soul songs to sing with us there.   In 1997, we decided that we absolutely had to meet, so the first Wolfcon was formed ... 42 of us converged in Estes Park, Colorado for a 4 day weekend that just had to keep going on year after year.   Wolfcon is always one of my favorite times of the year, a chance to meet old friends for the first time, and a chance to renew hugs and laughs with the friends that I see year after year.  Girlfriends are such an important part of life!  And Wild Women girlfriends will tell you just what they think, just how they see things ... they are some of my closest friends.   This year, Wolfcon is in my own home town, Traverse City, Michigan.  

    I married the love of my life in September, 2004 and I'm now enjoying that time of my life that I always knew would come for me.  I was always seeking a joyful life, and I have found it.   We're busy now redesigning and redecorating our home, but the winter will thaw eventually, and we'll be found enjoying this beautiful area that we've settled in.

    My creative outlets have been mostly work related for the past few years, but I am feeling inspired, have been really feeling the need to put this site back together. It's been quite a few years since this site has been full and complete, and it just seems to be forming itself this week.  

    Here are a few pictures of the special parts of my life.


    The Honeymoon

    A wonderful 3 weeks in Europe in 2004.



    Magical Place!


    Traverse City

    An aerial view


    Lake Michigan

    The shoreline from the Homestead Resort


    Sleeping Bear Dunes

    Such a great place!


    Favorite Links

    Traverse City Convention and Visitors Bureau

    Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park - very close to Traverse City

    Xango - Mangosteen - One of the Fastest Growing Health and Wellness Products Ever! This is my distributor site.

    Shamanic Studies - I'm totally immersed in Shamanic studies right now, and will be working with Nancy for more training this year. She is the teacher that comes when the student is ready.

    Oryana's - One of the many things I love about Traverse City